Services & Fees

What exactly will you clean?

We clean homes and offices. For a list of what we clean inside homes, see "Services" in the main menu.

How long does the cleaning take?

Depending on the size of the house, and the size of our team, normally 1-3 hours

Do I need to be home?

You are not required to stay home while we clean.

The short cleaning time that our teams offer makes it easier for clients to be home during the process and for first-time jobs, we prefer that you be home. Please let us know ahead of time if you will not be home and the team leader will work out the details.

Is there cancellation fee?

Please don't cancel less than 30 hours in advance. Longstanding clients are forgiven for an emergency, but generally we ask that you pay 75% of the cost, unless we find someone else to take your appointment time, if you cancel last minute.

Are last minute bookings OK?

Call us and we will see what is available

How can I pay?

We accept checks, credit and debit cards, and cash. In order to keep costs down, we ask that you pay ahead of time or by the end of our cleaning time. It is possible to pay by phone using a credit/debit card.

If you will not be home and will leave a check for us to pick up in your home, please let us know in advance.

Choosing to delay your payment may cause late fees.

Can I have the same team every time? Why do you work in teams?

Yes, we try to send the same team to your home every time. However that may change due to illness or scheduling conflicts.

We work in teams to so we can finish quickly, conserve resources, alleviate loneliness and boredom, and to be able to train new cleaners and maintain even standards in the company. The refugees who work with us feel safer working in a group, and can not yet work on their own, due to language and cultural barriers.

Isn't it wrong for me not to do my own housework?

There are economic and spiritual benefits to doing your own housework, changing your own brake pads, pruning your own trees, rebuilding your own roof, and so forth.

There are also economic and spiritual benefits to employing other humans to do those things, and paying them well. It's all good.

Green Cleaning & Product

What products do you use?

We choose cleaning agents with few and simple ingredients that are not known to promote disease and birth defects. They are all low or zero "VOC." You may request fragrance-free cleaning, or products with natural fragrances, from essential oils. Baking soda, vinegar, soap, detergent, hot water, and "elbow grease" are our most-used products.

For a specific and complete list click here.

What's wrong with regular cleaning products?

Housecleaning can be a dangerous occupation. Thousands of American housecleaners suffer from skin, lung or neurological disorders caused by the compounds in some cleaning products.  Read more about specific problems with commercial cleaning products by choosing "Green Cleaning" from the main menu...

What does "super green" mean?

There are many products that call themselves "green" or "natural," or "non-toxic" but they don't list their ingredients, so it is impossible to know what they mean by those labels. We use the term, "super green" to explain that we go beyond simple "green," and towards "open source" cleaners like vinegar and soap.

We also try to buy our cleaning products from sources that are fair to employees and use minimal packaging and employ other sustainable business practices.  We are currently looking into how we can produce or use our own locally produced vinegar, perhaps in collaboration with Ishakashiita Refugee Network.

We avoid volatile organics compounds (VOCs) and we also try to limit our use of products containing high levels of sodium (like baking soda) that in large amounts kill the soil. If your house is plumbed for graywater, tell us and we can use only no-sodium products.

We are continually learning about healthier ways to clean and new ways to walk more gently on the earth.

For a list of the cleaners we use go to"Green Cleaning" in the main menu.

About Us

Are you a non-profit? What is your mission?

No. we are not a non-profit organization. We are a socially responsible enterprise.

Clean Conscience, LLC was established with the goal of expanding and raising the standards for " green"cleaning to include fair trade employment practices, compliance with local regulations, and transparency in accounting. We work with the spirit of service to the entire community, by hiring people who may need some special training, for example local refugees.

Our mission is to provide excellent, super-green cleaning services to clients and fair employment to employees. Like a non-profit, some people believe so much in our mission that they have donated their volunteer labor to help us start out. Also, we have partnered with non-profits to educate ourselves about working with refugees.

The non-profit classification was developed to allow organizations that even when working well, have no fair profit margin--such as services for the poor. Housecleaning services are not services for the poor and should be able to fund themselves without donations, grants or tax money.

Why did you change your name from Clean Conscience, LLC?

A man in Boulder, Colorado has trademarked the words,  "Clean Conscience,'  so we are not free to use it.  We like our new name because "Safi" has many nice meanings and reflects that we are an intercultural organization.

"What is Fair Trade house cleaning?

Fair trade is a social movement that started out with the goal of helping workers in foregn lands receive a fair wage and safe working conditions, by certifying and labelling products made under fair conditions, just like organic products are labelled.

Recently, the fair trade movement has recognized that some workers in the United States work under terrible conditions, and millions of workers work for less than a living wage. The fair trade label has been extended to US produce from a few farms.

Housecleaners often work in precarious situations, earn low wages, become ill from toxic chemicals and dust, and grow old without having paid into social security.

Clean Conscience LLC is an experiment in Fairly Traded Housecleaning. Our goal is to maintain high cleaning standards, use only "super-green," non-toxic, open-source cleaning agents, pay our workers a living wage, pay into social security, medicare, worker's compensation and unemployment insurance, (eventually) provide health insurance, and still stay in business.

Is it possible? Our accountant applauds us, but she doubts it can work out. She hopes we will prove her wrong.

We are asking you, our clients, to help us prove her wrong by being willing to pay a premium price for excellent cleaning services that give you the extra security of knowing that your cleaner was treated with same level of respect we give to you and your home.

How did we start Clean Conscience?

The three of us met each other because our children play together. As mothers and householders, we are learning plenty about housecleaning and household organization.

Amy has been working professionally as a housecleaner, using non-toxic cleaning products, for 6 years. She and Minami are knowledgeable about the use of essential oils to promote health. Minami and Shay have experience running nonprofit organizations, are degreed in International Relations and have an interest in working with refugees.

We decided to pool our interests and time, and Clean Conscience was born.

Why do you want to hire us?

  • Truly non-toxic cleaning
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Fairly paid, trained employees
  • Safe & personalized cleaning services
  • Registered & licensed in AZ
  • Bonded and insured
  • Locally women- owned
  • Our commitment to society & community