Updated 9 August 2021

Our Covid-19 Precautions

We are continuing the same safety protocols, which you can read about below. The main and most important one is:

--We ask clients to leave the area where we are working while we are there. If possible, please leave the building.

We love to see you, but it is safer this way.

We have continued to be lucky and super-vigilant, and have thus far avoided COVID within our company.

About gloves: We are wearing disposable gloves when clients request it. However there are Opinions out there that such gloves do not diminish the chance of contamination.  For example see the article below.

As we are not microbiologists we are not sure what to think. However we do know our plastic waste footprint has increased considerably from plastic gloves, so we won't necessarily wear disposable gloves unless the client has specifically requested it, or an individual cleaner wants to.  We wash our hands often!

Always so many aspects to consider!

Please take good care and scroll down for more detailed information

--Team Safi

Please  remember our updated protocols, and let us know your preferences:        

--Cleaners who are feeling sick or who have been in contact with anyone who they know to have been sick are staying home, and we can provide sick pay to them.  

--We are wearing masks. which are washable.

--We are no longer wearing disposable gloves unless you request them.  Please let us know.

--We disinfect high-touch surfaces at your request.  We use our homemade vodka-based disinfectant, unless you require an EPA-approved disinfectant. Let us know--we have that as well, for a small surcharge.

--We take our temperatures 1 time a day

--We ask clients to leave the area where we are working while we are there.

--Please ensure that your pets do not come into contact with us as well.

--Dear Client, if you have any thought that you may be ill, please let us know before we come and we will postpone the cleaning.

 --As always, we wash our hands throughout the day, including at the end and beginning of each job, and after cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, and we use fresh cleaning cloths in each room.

--We suggest that you open your windows, either before we start, and leave them open, or open them at the end of the cleaning, to allow total air exchange, 

--If you have evaporative cooling please use that instead of air conditioning, as it provides total air exchange every 30 minutes or less.

--We hope having a cleaner home, studio, office or factory will bring you joy and a heightened sense of health and well being!

PS. Here are a few websites you can visit for more information:

Effectiveness of tea tree oil :

Open your windows before and after our visit to allow for air exchange.