The information below is just a very rough idea.  Please call,  text, or email us to discuss your specific situation.

Most of our clients are looking for deep cleanings or regular cleanings, and we start by visiting them and then offering them a firm price before the cleaning starts.  There is no charge for this service.

Call to ask about discounts.  Occasionally we offer discounts for teachers and for people with disabilities who are on limited incomes.

Please call,  text, or email us and we will set up a time  to discuss your specific situation.

Some clients are in a rush, are not concerned about cost,  or for other reasons prefer to pay by the hour, which we charge at about $40-50/cleaner/hour, depending on the skill level of the particular team.  We pay a fair wage and comply with labor laws.  If a low price is your main consideration, we might not be the best choice for you.


$105 and up

  • 2-3 Cleaners
  • Super-Green Cleaning Products
  • Very Fast
  • 20 Check Points


$120 and up

  • 2-3 Cleaners
  • Super-Green Cleaning Products
  • Regular Service Discount
  • Over 40 check points


$300 and up

  • 2-4 Cleaners
  • Super-Green Cleaning Products
  • All Surfaces & Walls
  • Over 50 Check Points

To read in detail what is included in each cleaning visit, click here.

Very general pricing guidelines

These prices are base/starting prices for:  2 people living in home, no pets and ½ floors are carpeted, well maintained house. Prices can increase based on number of residents, bathrooms, pets, % of carpeted floors, and condition of the home.   $105 minimum price.





900-1,200 sq ft




1,201 – 1,400 sq ft




1,401 – 1,600 sq ft




Additional every 200sq ft




*We expect payment prior to or by the end of our cleaning visit.

*Prices on this website are estimates. Call or text us for a firm price.

*Discounts available for regular customers.