What people are saying...

I am happy to report that I was 100% satisfied with last week's cleaning. They did a great job. The price was fine; I'd be willing to pay a little more.... It has really improved my quality of life; I now have more time to spend with my family, and our home environment is more attractive and peaceful.
--Jodi Perin​

Safi manages to be a good member of both the business community, and the community of people they employ. They've been cleaning our classrooms for ​eleven months now.  ​ Fantastic service, professional and thorough. ​ Highly recommended!                           --Sean F​lanagan

Thanks so much for sending over your team. They were terrific and did a wonderful job of cleaning! I will definitely ask you to come again.
--Susan Silverman

It looked great! Thanks!
--Joanna Taylor

It went great! I'll definitely refer you to friends. ​
--Jocelyn Lyons-Baral

You people are so wonderful!!! Everything feels so peaceful and beautiful. I love the employees so much. Nothing needs to improve.
--Tyler Martino

I am very happy with the service we got. Everyone was wonderful and the house looks amazing. I also really like that harsh, and smelly, chemicals weren’t used. I will definitely be referring friends to you.
--Annie Conway

We are thrilled with the cleaning! We were so excited to get home and we are grateful for the hard work of Minami, Antoinette, and Ela...We'll let others know, and we'll definitely be in touch in the future for a deep clean again.                  --Brad Jacobson

I would definitely recommend Safi Home Works to a friend. I would tell them that they're getting high quality work, and fulfilling a need in our community and that it's worth paying for that.                                                               --Jennifer Catcher

Thank you for your hard work today. It was unbelievably lovely to come home to a clean home. Even my nine year old said "Ooooooo...Nice!" I really appreciate that there is no smell of bleach or other harsh cleaning products.                --Morgan Alexander

 I loved the work that you all did.  I wish I could afford to have you at my house every week!                                       --Jade Beall

​The cleaning was excellent. The price was good. Thanks.
--Gerry Bagley