Happy Spring, Dear Client

Happy Spring, Dear Client

Rate increase February 15, 2021

Our business coach has helped us see…

We have been charging 15-25% less than other, similar companies.  So we need to raise our prices.

  • On February 15 we will be raising our prices by 5%
  • For example, clients paying $200 will now pay $210
  • If this is a burden for you, please call us to discuss.
It’s time for Safi to swim, not sink
This pandemic year has been terrific for Safi:  We have learned more about cleaning, we have maintained high standards, and avoided (so far) contracting the virus.

The Safi Team has developed amazing skills and speed and taken on almost all the aspects of the business…But economically we are challenged.  We are still at only 75% of our workload compared with pre-pandemic.  We are operating at a loss.  We need to increase our client hours by 25% between now and May, or we need to close down.

But guess what?  You, dear client can save us.  Over 90% of new of our new clients have come to us through you.

We will give you  $30 in cleaning credit for every new client you refer to us.  People have found that simply emailing their friends sometimes can end up paying for a third of their next cleaning.

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