A gift for someone has everything…

Know someone who has everything? Maybe they need help tidying their everything up! Recently, clients have been asking for gift certificates, so Jamie designed this nice form. When you give the gift of cleaning you are giving someone a fresh outlook in the new year, and some extra time just to r-e-l-a-x. All the best … Read more

Happy MLK Day!

Why was Martin Luther King, Jr in Memphis on April 4,1968? He had come to support the tired, underpaid sanitation workers who were on strike. Sanitation is often the last thing the economy really wants to support, and cleaners of all kinds tend to work hard for little pay. These are issues near and dear … Read more

Keep your & our guard up as COVID cases rise

We love you, dear client, and we love to see you, but it has to be at a distance. As the number of Covid cases rise, we continue to take all the precautions we can. We have been lucky. Our company Covid count is still 0. But we know that that could change. We’re wearing … Read more

Think sunshine and think Safi.

Think sunshine and think Safi. We clean our cloths in bio-compatible detergent, use the gray water to feed trees, and hang the cloths up to dry where UV light can further sanitize them. When we first learned that many cleaning companies use disposable towels, or use regular microfiber cloths, but throw them away after a … Read more

Natural Wood Polish

Our clients, M. and A. live in a historic house near downtown Tucson. They are 100% committed to a truly non-toxic lifestyle, and green cleaning is part of that. They didn’t want to use a commercial product on their antique floors, as they wanted to be completely sure the substance entering their house would be … Read more