We won a grant!!


We were honored and blessed and surprised this week to receive a mini grant from Mission Church <https://missionchurchtucson.com/>. Check out their website. What a lovely church they are! Please note that we plan on wearing masks for a long time more. Minami is from Japan, where Covid-19 deaths are remarkably low, especially considering that they were one of the first countries to have cases, and about half the population of 125 million people lives in apartments in big cities. Minami thinks one reason might be that in Japan people own plenty of masks and are used to putting them on whenever they have a cough or feel sick. So please don’t be kind and tell us that we don’t need to wear them at your house. We will wear them. If you don’t need us to wear disposable gloves– which have been shown to not necessarily be effective, and contribute to the plastic trash overload–that’s another matter. We wash our hands!


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