This is our principals…

Safi Home Works, LLC, was founded on the two basic principles. They both involve transparency.

First, it’s not enough to be “green.” We have to define what “green cleaning” is. For us it means truly non-toxic to skin, lungs, and soil, and being totally transparent about our ingredients and processes so that clients can decide if we are “green enough” for them.

Second, we want to restore dignity to work. We want to elevate the standards and status of people who clean. Cleaners, whether you call them “janitor”or “maid” if they do their job right, are using complex reasoning, a large body of knowledge, and intense physical force, similar to any of the manual trades. They work under time pressure and sometimes have to maneuver sticky social situations.

The work is not simple or easy Barbara Eirenreich, a well-educated scientist and accomplished author discovered how pressured and complex cleaning can be when she tried living on minimum wage work. In her 2001 book, “Nickled and Dimed”. she wrote about her brief experience being underpaid for complex, demanding work. Now, Stephanie Land has written in beautiful prose a memoir of what it is like to work without respect when you have to, because you are supporting your children.

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