A gift for someone has everything…

Know someone who has everything? Maybe they need help tidying their everything up! Recently, clients have been asking for gift certificates, so Jamie designed this nice form. When you give the gift of cleaning you are giving someone a fresh outlook in the new year, and some extra time just to r-e-l-a-x. All the best … Read more

Natural Wood Polish

Our clients, M. and A. live in a historic house near downtown Tucson. They are 100% committed to a truly non-toxic lifestyle, and green cleaning is part of that. They didn’t want to use a commercial product on their antique floors, as they wanted to be completely sure the substance entering their house would be … Read more

TEAM Arizona Motorcycle School

We have the best clients. Some of them come to us because they have allergies, or are chemically sensitive, and need truly non-toxic cleaning. Some come because they are want to reduce contaminants in the larger environment. And some come because they care about refugees. TEAM Arizona Motorcycle School’s Tucson Site Manager Sean Flanaan contacted … Read more

Transparency Accounting

This shows us more fuel-efficient routes, to reduce our travel costs and our carbon footprint is needed. We aim to be truly non-toxic. We work hard to be totally truthful and transparent about the contents of our green cleaning supplies, so that clients, especially clients with allergies or chemical sensitivity, can decide whether our ingredients … Read more

This is our principals…

Safi Home Works, LLC, was founded on the two basic principles. They both involve transparency. First, it’s not enough to be “green.” We have to define what “green cleaning” is. For us it means truly non-toxic to skin, lungs, and soil, and being totally transparent about our ingredients and processes so that clients can decide … Read more

Next Step as a Truly Non-Toxic Cleaning Company

Spray bottle

  What about plastic spray bottles? In our quest to be a truly non-toxic, super sustainable, and beyond-green cleaning company we ask ourselves, What’s the next step? Plastic spray bottles. We use them every day. They are extremely cheap, convenient, and lightweight. We have a picture of one on our flyers, spraying out flowers. What … Read more

What does cleaning mean to you?

Trade secrets? We don’t have any. Why not? Because our green cleaning clients require true transparency. We don’t just say we are “green” or “sustainable” or “environmental”. We tell anyone who asks exactly what is in our cleaning products. There’s a page on our website that explains what we use: https://www.safihomeworks.com/why-green-cleaning/ We are also happy … Read more

Why Truly non-Toxic?

Why “truly non-toxic”? Because our clients require services that will improve their health, calm their conscience, and not provoke allergies. Why truly non-toxic? Because “green cleaning” has lost meaning. “Green cleaning” has no standards and may mean as little as that the cleaning substances are tinted green. Really. The standard for our cleaning products is, … Read more