What kills a virus?

Clients are calling to ask “Can you disinfect my house?” And, “”Is it really possible to kill viruses non-toxically?” Our answer is yes, and also no. We agree with the US Center for Disease Control that routine cleaning is sufficient. Viruses are fragile, and routine cleaning will eliminate most of them. So, cleaning is a good idea, a measured cleaning that maintains calm perspective Nothing completely erases all microbes. Some viruses and bacteria can survive chlorine bleach, others survive tea tree oil. Super high heat works great, but it’s hard to boil a whole house. If you know you are at high risk for contracting a viral disease, let us know. Transmission usually occurs directly between people. If you are going to be home while we clean, we will wear masks. We don’t work when we are sick, and we routinely wash our hands throughout the day, so as not to transmit germs from the bathroom and kitchen into other rooms in your house. And if you would like a little extra in this flu season, we can offer you an EPA-approved Melalucca (tree tea oil) disinfectant. Call us and we will tell you about it!





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